Occupy Denver joins in Opposing Wells Fargo

January 18, 2012 in Event

Occupy Denver joins PAZ and many other organizations on Campus on January 24th a National Day of Action opposing Wells Fargo and their investments in the private prison industry. Start the day with a press conference informing campus and the media about what is going on in SOLIDARITY with those across the country. Come when time permits and attend a teach-in to learn more about intersections and communities impacted by these business practices, time will be available for dialogue. At the end of the day we will UNITE and RAISE our VOICES and take ACTION as we MARCH. ALL ARE WELCOME!!

12:00 – 4:00 TEACH-INs
4:00 – RALLY

Begins at St. Cajentan’s on Auraria Campus, marches through Occupy Denver site Civic Center Park, and heads to Wells Fargo.

The History:
In October 2011 campaign partners around the US participated in “Occupy Wall Street” actions, highlighting the role of for-profit prison industry and its investors (including Wells Fargo and Bank of America) in the proliferation of anti-immigrant laws and policies. Arizona-style laws have filled detention centers, increasing profits to these corporations at the cost of human misery.

The Private Prison Divestment Campaign brings to light the connections between Wall Street, Immigration, and the prison industrial complex. The Campaign is forming new strategic alliances and exposing Wall Street as the problem so that we can shift the immigration debate.

Enlace’s research has exposed Wall Street for its involvement in the Mexico economic crisis of the 1990’s (which caused the current massive wave of immigration) and the current US and global financial crisis. You can read an article by Peter Cervantes-Gautschi titled “Wall Street and Immigration: Financial Services Giants Have Profited from the Beginning”. This piece exposes Wall Street as the main culprit in the Mexican financial crisis. You can also read Mr. Cervantes-Gautschi’s article “Wall Street and the Criminalization of Immigrants” published last year on the growing role of Wall Street financial institutions and big banks in anti-immigrant laws and policies.

To learn more about this event, or RSVP, visit Facebook or watch immigrants for sale.