Occupy Denver Security Assaulted Following Peace Rally

October 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Occupiers Tanner Spendly and Caryn Sodaro were assaulted by two passersby during a media interview. Immediately following the incident, Tanner sent this email:

At about 7 pm tonight two provacatoures [sic] assaulted caryn sodaro with security and tanner spendley during a fox news interview. While attempting to take her [the assailant's] picture she grabbed my phone, at which point her boyfriend assaulted me. He was quickly removed peacefully at which point they ran off along with the fox reporter. We believe this was an intentional act to paint us as violent.

Tanner Spendley is filing a police report on the assault.

Description of assailants from Occupiers on scene:

Couple in mid 20s.

Lady- Black fleece and jeans, 5’5″. Dark hair.

Guy- 5’9″, sandy blonde hair, blue sweatshirt (shirt maybe said ‘Minnesota’), baseball cap.