Occupy Denver Statement On Candlelight Vigil Incident

December 23, 2011 in Press

During Tuesday’s Homelessness Vigil, some occupiers, many of them homeless, felt called to protest the hypocrisy inherent in Mayor Hancock’s attitude towards the homeless. It is ironic for Mayor Hancock to make a PR stunt at a vigil for deceased homeless less than 24 hours after violently destroying the largest homeless encampment in Denver. Mayor Hancock cannot have his cake and eat it too. Occupy Denver wants it to be clear that Mayor Hancock was not shouted down by priveleged college students or granola-munching Prius drivers, but by the very same homeless population that he claims to care about. At Occupy Denver, homeless individuals have found love, respect, food, and friendship. They found themselves embedded in a community of support and solidarity. All this was destroyed, in front of their eyes, at Mayor Hancock’s order.

That being said, this action was not officially endorsed or planned by Occupy Denver. Participants in Occupy Denver are free to express themselves as they see fit, but no occupier speaks for another. There is a wide diversity of opinion within Occupy Denver regarding this action. If you have strong feelings about this or other Occupy Denver actions, please, GET INVOLVED! The success of this movement depends on people like you bringing your unique experience, insights, and ideas to the occupation.

Occupy Denver has the utmost respect for the work of the Colorado Homeless Coalition and admires their dedication to helping the homeless. It was never the intention of those who participated in this action to disrupt the vigil. If anyone attending the vigil who has lost a loved one was upset by this action, we offer our most sincere apology. To Michael Hancock, however, we offer no such thing.