Occupy Denver To Be Evicted, Again. Stand With Us.

December 14, 2011 in GA resolutions

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At 10AM tommorrow the City Of Denver plans to evict Occupy Denver again. Join us on “Bill of Rights Day” as we assert our right to freely assemble in public spaces. Spread the word far and wide, we call on anyone who can make it down to stand with us in solidarity.


Most importantly we need people to come and stand with us. This is beyond a first amendment issue THIS IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. What good are we as a city if we treat our citizens this way. It is the middle of the winter and many of our houseless brothers and sisters will have no other place to go. The city will not even allow them to sleep on the sidewalk.

Please join us tomorrow and for the next few days to exercise our rights as citizens.
Occupy your lunch hour.
Occupy your coffee break.
Occupy your happy hour.
Occupy the night.

We also need film and media people to record this moment in history!
Bring your camera!

Join the Occupy Denver mass text for the latest information
Text OCCUPY DENVER to 234-200-4031

Supplies Needed for tonight and EARLY tomorrow morning
Building Materials
Duct Tape
Carpet rolls
Sheets of wood
Particle Board
We are fortifying our occupation. WE WILL NOT BE MOVED.