Occupy Denver’s Free State Kitchen (aka the Thunderdome) featured in the Westword’s Cafe Society

October 11, 2011 in Media

Pat, Crunchy & the part-soup-kitchen, part-side-show known as the Thunderdome that’s been keeping us fed for the past three weeks has been featured in the Westword‘s restaurant write-ups!

​People driving by the Capitol building at Broadway and Colfax will notice many things about the Occupy Denver demonstration site, including energetic protesters chanting and waving signs, a Hooverville-style collection of tents and tarps for the 24-7 campers and, right in the middle of this organized chaos, the Thunderdome. This fully-functioning kitchen is run by former restaurant employees volunteering their time for the Occupy Wall Street cause, and the makeshift plywood-and-tarp structure serves hot meals, snacks and drinks to anyone who asks for them, demonstrators or not — serving between 200 and 400 people a day.

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