Occupy The Dream

January 13, 2012 in Event

Join Occupy Denver this Martin Luther King Day, January 16, 2012 as we “Occupy The Dream.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. transcended racial boundaries in his fight for justice and equality for all. During his short life, Dr. King made great strides in bringing racial and economic equality to the American people. Over 40 years after his assassination, Dr King’s Dream lives on as non-violent movements have continued to struggle against oppression worldwide.

MLK was assassinated shortly after he began expanding his discussion of inequality beyond race, to develop a critical understanding that transcended national borders and confronted economic inequality and empire itself. With the Occupy Movement, that sleeping giant has re-awakened, but there are still many oppression-based issues that must be addressed within our Movement if we are truly to represent the 99%. As we look to the future, we must also reflect upon ourselves, and aggressively extend a hand to those who have been marginalized by the very system that seeks to divide and conquer us along ethnic, gender, economic, and political lines.

The Country has come a long way and made some progression in recognizing racial inequality, yet we have stagnated and backtracked in regards to economic equality. Today, around 50% of Americans are living at or under the official poverty line. Unemployment levels are teetering near depression levels and our unions have been nearly destroyed by large corporate interests. Our college graduates are leaving school and entering a workplace with limited opportunities. Our system has failed us; that is why we Occupy.

The struggles facing Americans today are similar to those faced during the time of Dr. King. Like the Gilded Age or the times of peasants and kings, we, the working people, have the numbers and the upper hand. The solutions have been laid out by great thinkers like Dr. King, Gandhi and other Civil Rights leaders throughout the years. Our goal is to implement these solutions and adapt them to fit our times.

We want to Occupy The Dream and re-establish the presence of the American people in our Democracy. Over 40 years after MLK said, “I have a dream,” we ask you, what is your dream? Stop by the “Occupy The Dream” table in Civic Center Park this Monday, and share your dreams of a more just and fair socio-economic system. We are unstoppable, a better world is possible, but only with your help. We are the 99%.