Beyond Occupy

January 12, 2012 in Event

In 2011, the Occupy Movement sent the message loud and clear: the 99 percent has had enough of corporations hijacking our economy, politics, media, and diet. In the spirit of Dr. King and the civil rights legacy, we recognize that many communities have been fighting this fight since the beginning of “America”.

In 2012, it’s up to us to come together and start building solid alternatives.

Join Redline, The GrowHaus, and a host of hip-hop artists and community activists on MLK day for an interactive afternoon of live art, fresh food, conversation and action steps towards building a Denver that’s for the people, ALL PEOPLE, sustainably.

Bring the whole family for community dialogue, spoken word, video, skill-sharing, healthy food, and opportunities to get involved! Activities will be available for children and adults of all ages.