On The Tragic Shootings In Aurora

July 20, 2012 in Media

For Immediate Release: Response to The Century 16 Shooting & Occupy Links

Today all eyes are on Colorado, and we at Occupy Denver are all deeply saddened by this horrific act. Our hearts go out to all the victims of this shooting. We have circulated this man’s photo throughout our internal “Occupy Denver” discussion groups. No one knows the shooter or has ever seen him. It is important to note that this tragedy is not a left/right issue, and attempts from the extreme right wing blogs to link this tragedy to Occupy are unfounded, irresponsible and irreverent to those who are suffering, or lost their lives, from this act of violence.  Such insistence deflects from more pressing issues at this time: grieving for all of those people who have been affected. We believe that strength, compassion and non-violence are rooted in community. Today and for a long time in to the future, we will be working hard to build and expand ours. Our sympathy goes out to our brothers, sisters  in Aurora, and all who are effected by this tragedy.

For up to date information on this event, the most reliable coverage seems to be coming from the Huffington Post

-Occupy Denver Press Relations