Proposal of Changes to General Assembly Schedule (Passed 11/27/11)

November 28, 2011 in Draft Proposals

Why we are proposing this:
GA Procedures is making the following proposal in order to facilitate greater outside
group, community, and committee involvement in Occupy Denver, and to give Occupy Denver
space to grow as a movement.

What we are proposing:
We are proposing that we change the schedule structure of our daily General Assembly
meetings. We proposed that we reduce official voting to just 2pm GAs on Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday. We propose that we then use the remaining days in the following ways:

Tuesday and Thursday – “Get Involved Nights”

We will have an initial gathering with where there will be announcements and, when needed,
voting on emergency proposals. It will also be a time where participants can get feedback
on proposals they are planning on bringing to the GA in the future (these feedback sessions
should last no more than 20 minutes and will not include actual voting). After this introductory time, the GA will then break out into smaller sessions. The criteria for these sessions will be simply that they must be (1) related to advancing the Occupy movement, (2) increasing broader involvement in the movement, or (3) for planning, organizing, or coordinating future Occupy Denver activities.

Possible suggestions for activities that could take place in this time:
Fish bowl caucuses
Event planning/organizing sessions
Committee meetings
Open forums
Flash mob practices
Pot lucks, etc.

We are open to other suggestions for how to use this time

If there are no activities planned by the beginning of Get Involved Nights, then the fallback will be to do announcements, then have an open forum discussion on Occupy Denver in general,
followed by an hour of committee break outs starting at 8pm.

Groups will be invited to share updates from what happened in their working time at the
following GAs and/or to send their notes to Committees will
be required to include the updates from these meetings in weekly committee digests. Non-
committee groups will not be required to announce the proceedings of their meetings, but will be welcome to do so in the announcements section of following GAs.

Sundays – Open Forum/Recap General Assemblies
We will have an initial gathering with where there will be announcements and, when needed,
voting on emergency proposals, followed by an open forum, with room for voting on schedules
for Get Involved Nights.

How we propose to implement this:

- Anyone can submit a proposals for Get Involved Night activities either by contacting a GA
Procedures member in person or by emailing us at We will
work with the proposers to schedule what day their activity should take place

- We will bring a proposed schedule for Get Involved Nights on Sundays to be discussed and
voted on by the GA

- These schedule decisions will be posted to the website after Sunday’s GA

- If nothing is decided upon on Sunday, then we will use the default plan for Get Involved Nights

- GA Procedures will be keeping a calendar of topics and activities for Get Involved Nights thatis eventually going to be on the website