Petition to STOP Arrests at Occupy Denver

October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


There is a petition to encourage Governor Hickenlooper to STOP the needless arrests at Occupy Denver.  Please follow the link to sign it and let the Governor know that you’d prefer your tax dollars go to something other than arresting non-violent protesters for exercising First Amendment rights.


^click the above link for the survey ^

 UPDATE (1:50 AM)

Over 150 signatures in the first hour – be sure to click the link above to sign the petition!  We want 1,000 signatures by the time the Governor wakes up!

Also,  just found this on-the-ground video of police pepper-spraying Occupation members protecting the kitchen area during a post-march push by riot police (audio NSFW: coarse language):

UPDATE (3:10 AM)

Over 200 signatures in the first 3 hours – right on schedule to the goal of 10,000 by Saturday’s concert.  @DrBenway23 found this video by West Denver Cop Watch

UPDATE (4:45 AM 10-18)
“The occupation was taking place peacefully, until a man with a badge threatened to cage the people working the food tent for not having a permit to vend. The “vendors” refused to close down, then a small but heavily armed, team of police started slowly moving towards kitchen tent. At this time, people got fed up. They swarmed across the street towards the team of police, in an attempt to record and block the cops from encroaching any farther towards the make-shift kitchen. A human shield was set up around the kitchen, and the state’s initial assault was prevented.”
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