Police Move In to Clear The Park!

October 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Note: Occupy Denver does not necessarily support, endorse, or condone any statements made on any of the live streams – these are individuals acting autonomously and Occupy Denver in no way directs these individuals.


Occupy Denver Holds Their Ground.

- At 7:30pm, Denver Riot Police begin to move in and request the remaining protesters clear Civic Center Park. The protesters remind officers that they have until 11pm to be there and hold their ground.

- Protesters chant a reminder that they are non-violent and request that the DPD remain non-violent as well.  Continue to hold their ground as garbage trucks roll off with the remnants of the camp.

- Protester states that ‘You can not kill an idea”

- Police vacated the park area around 8pm.

- By 8:30pm the Occupy Denver kitchen was on the rebuild with a promise of ‘Sloppy Joes’ soon to come!

- Donation to re-provision the camp started rolling in.

- 9:15 pm , 3 Night shift police officers stop by to state “They are there to keep the camp safe”.  All state they were not part of the earlier action by riot police.  Reiterate that the park has to be vacated by 11pm but the sidewalks are good at all times..

Pictures from earlier in the day.

 Leah Millis’ photos at www.leahkmillis.wordpress.com

Tanner Spendley photos at www.tannerspendley.com 


Denver Post photos at photos.denverpost.com

Video of police brutality