Nov. 29th, 7pm – PR Committee Minutes

November 30, 2011 in PR Committee Notes

Notes 11.29 OD/PR
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PR Organization

* Email Lists

People on lists currently are unknown/ nebulous. Clean up Email lists?

Jenalise – have someone admin or shut the whole thing down and re-subscribe?

Sarah – Portal can handle us now. Matt- We should schedule training so we can all get up to speed on it?

Tim – Kill all current lists and start over?? — YES, from most –

JENALISE will admin putting together a new email list for ALL LISTS so Blair can delete all current users and add correct ones.

———- Meeting at HQ w/ Blair to get help migrating to PORTAL ?? ———-

PROPOSAL: MONDAY DEC. 5 @ 7PM w/ Blair, portal meeting — Headquarters —


Matt: Hesitant about keeping people who are not accountable to the committee staying on the list


**** Set up a disclaimer to go out to those who get deleted so they can respond if it’s in error*****

***ADMIN COMMITTEE RASHON break-in: To ask us for 3 members to rep at every GA across them. We will provide. (Tim , Matt , Sarah pinged)
* Sub-Committees


Nick on procedure of Press releases, etc – Message starts @ PR… goes through Content… then comes back to PR….. etc.

RASHON – GA has issues with how quickly press releases are put out.

Matt – Content should not just be restricted to content creation sub committee. Just write the stuff and send it around.

Jenalise – Her and Sara discussed some basic form that people can fill out to get content up in Emergencies

Brett – 24/7 committee or whoever is on the ground asked me for contact to the .0rg… which is the hub…. they have that contact now.

NIck – Content from the ground needs to get cleaned up

MATT – Has a contact list (tree) to get everyone to on the ground so they can get issues to us - We can break out in Subcommittees and determine how the best way to get content form the ground quickly and get it up respectively.

Byron – Marry Pr_Content to Pr_Pr for content to be reviewed and then returned.

matt – —- FOR VIDS PICS DUMP THE GOODS HERE! <<< add to website >>> This TO TANNER

.ORG Admins to discuss how to get the graphics that get dumped into this email onto the site.


Proposal: We are continuing to rework how pr_all , Pr_pr is used for moving content around.


WHEN SOMEONE wants to get data to the committee, currently they’re trying to get organized on the ground with our emails to know who to send stuff to and why.

MATT – THE PORTAL would be a one stop shop to get to all committees.


NICK — Proposal ::: the writing is being eliminated for content creation — moving to PR-ALL?! PLUS all above? — CONSENSUS!!


* Point For Committee Digest



2. what needs to be a GA mandated release and what doesn’t

PR committee will bring a proposal to GA about this issue with clarification on a solution
Break into Sub-Committees

1. How to get info online?
* up in an emergency

- Emergency phone tree network. When a trusted person (someone from 24/7 or Admin committee) calls someone on this phone tree it activates the entire system, with all social media sites involved. Only for emergencies!
* Normally

- Nick will bring a proposal to GA about how to best get content up on social media

2. How PR can be more accountable to GA

- One of the issues is that people on the ground feel they do not have enough access to these portals that spread OD voice to the masses.

- We want to actively recruit additional members to the Social Media Sub-Committee to give them access.

- Anyone who signs on to take this role, must be trusted and be on site a lot! Also, these people need to be accountable to the PR committee, and thus GA, so they also need to start coming to PR meetings.

- Work on identifying interested folks and get them up and running.

- Patti for Twitter?

- Adrian for FB?

- Who else?


1. Need to have additional folks giving interviews.

- We need more voices on the ground. We should start using Tuesday and Thursday ‘Get Involved Nights’ to get more folks who are willing to do interviews.

- It should be a function of PR to schedule media trainings to folks interested in talking to the media. Matt will spearhead this effort.

- Also potentially an email list for folks who are interested and willing to do interviews. When one comes in the email is shot to this list and it will be taken on a first com, first serve basis.