Proposal to Amend GA Times & Location For The Winter.

January 9, 2012 in Draft Proposals, Uncategorized

This Wednesday we will be voting on a proposal to amend the times and locations of our General Assembly meetings. As this is such a critical change to how we will manage our organization, we urge everyone to have their voice heard on this subject.

We have been offered a space upstairs from City O City (2 Blocks from Civic Center Park) as a place to hold GA’s and Teach-Ins during the winter. This proposal grants Occupy Denver members a warm place to organize and hold General Assemblies throughout the upcoming winter months. The addition of Saturday voting GA’s on this new schedule is designed to empower folks who only come out on weekends with the opportunity to have a meaningful voice in this movement. When Spring comes we will resume holding all of our General Assemblies in Civic Center Park. The proposal is as follows:

What: General Assembly schedule and location change beginning January 16th. The new location will be the “Deerpile” space upstairs from City O City at 206 East 13th Avenue.

Why: To work more efficiently through the winter and grow our numbers in a convenient location. To make our General Assemblies a more inclusive environment for the elderly and people who cannot stand in freezing weather for 2 hours at night.

How: To change the schedule of voting GA’s to be on Thursday @ 7PM upstairs from City O City and Saturday in Civic Center Park @ 3PM. Tuesday will be reserved for Inter-Committee meetings, or spokescouncil meetings (pending approval). Meetings will continue in this space, until spring weather is upon us.

When possible, teach-ins will be held in this space before GA’s from 5:30-6:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday would be utilized for Committee meetings in Civic Center Park.

The new location is 2 blocks away from Civic Center Park. This was the only location that was willing to donate this space to us and these were the only times available to hold such a regular event.