Sat. 1/7 Open Forum General Assembly

January 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

                                                                                                        Photo By Jenn Wohletz

As we begin the New Year, the Occupy sites all over the country and the globe are shifting and evolving.  For the Occupy movement, this year is full of promise and potential for amazing things.  Occupy Denver would like to use the first Saturday of 2012 to hold a General Assembly Open Forum to give Denver a chance to discuss our vision for this momentous year.  We will gather, as always, in the late morning this Saturday at Civic Center Park, and the Open Forum will begin at 12:30pm. This Open Forum will be more structured than our usual rallies, and although we will not be voting, we will be using the General Assembly Process.  We would like to use this opportunity to share ideas, hear from our fellow Occupiers, and organize with others who share our passions in order to make those ideas a reality.  The first hour will be a broad discussion on topics related to the direction we would like to see Occupy Denver take.  In the second hour, we will break out into smaller groups and discuss how we can work together to realize these goals. The facilitator will be making a call-out for agenda topics at 12:15pm, so please show up early to add a topic or idea to the agenda that you think is important to discuss.


This Open Forum is a golden opportunity to have your voice heard in the movement and to get more closely connected with Occupy Denver committees and working groups, or possibly start your own new working group.  Let’s begin 2012 by coming together with fellow citizens to talk about the future of our society. This is a leaderless movement – by participating together we shape the Movement and the World! For more information contact