Snooze Comes Out Against the “Urban Camping” Ban

April 5, 2013 in Press

We thank Snooze AM Eatery for standing with the homeless and calling for the repeal of the “Urban Camping” Ban in Denver. We urge all businesses and organizations in Denver to review the recent Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) report on the impact of the camping ban on the homeless community and call for its repeal.

- Boycott Snooze, Occupy Denver and MoveOn Denver Metro –

The Snooze AM Eatery statement in full:

Since we established Snooze in the heart of the 5 points/Arapahoe Square and the Ballpark Neighborhoods, Snooze has worked to support and help Denver’s homeless community. We have embraced this endeavor by hiring and providing employment, sitting on the board of the Denver Homeless Commission, fundraising, creating a mentoring program through Urban Peak, volunteering and spreading awareness to support the homeless. When the Urban Camping Ban proposal was presented to us, we believed the Ban would provide and allow for more services and support in the form of shelters, mental health and general assistance for our area homeless. We believe that the Urban Camping Ban has not provided these opportunities and should be repealed or amended to more effectively meet the needs of our homeless community. As always, our goal at Snooze is to support and assist any endeavor that strives to improve and better the lives of our homeless community. To that end, we believe that the Urban Camping Ban has not met the needs of Denver’s homeless community and we respectively ask the city of Denver as well as the business community at large to work towards repeal or modification of the Urban Camping Ban and work towards an effective solution for Denver’s business and homeless communities.