1/5 Tactics Teach-In: Urban Camping 101, Part Deux: Travois, Tacos, Bug-Out Bags and the Art of Escapeology

January 4, 2012 in Event, Uncategorized

                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Tanner Spendley
Tactics is offering a teach-in this Thursday 1/5/12 at 3PM, located at Civic Center Park, titled Urban Camping 101, Part Deaux: Travois, Tacos, Bug-Out Bags and the Art of Escapeology.

This teach-in will focus on alternate methods of protecting the encampment’s gear and supplies. While the Tactics committee has formed solid tactics to have adequate transport available to evacuate essential items, our last raid demonstrated that we may not have time to properly effect this strategy. Our class will highlight points of minimalism and evacuating large amounts of heavy gear over short distances, both as a back-up to our primary plan of vehicle evac and to buy time until the vehicles can arrive. The goal is to provide tools to save as much gear as possible in the event of a raid, thereby ensuring our ability to re-occupy as soon as possible. For more information contact Occupy and Educate Denver at Educate@occupydenver.org.