2/2: Teach-In: Our View From the Border

January 26, 2013 in Teach-In

When: Saturday, February 2nd from 4:30-6:30pm
Where: The Deer Pile (13th and Sherman – above City O City – 206 E 13th Ave)

Join No More Deaths as we present: Our View From the Border. Our presentation will offer firsthand accounts of trends in migration; human rights abuse documentation in Nogales, Sonora; migrant support in the Sonoran desert; and allied movement building in communities throughout Arizona. No More Deaths is a volunteer-run organization based in southern Arizona that works to end death and suffering at the US-Mexico border through direct action. We work in solidarity to:

  • Provide humanitarian aid in the Sonora Desert
  • Assist recently deported individuals in Nogales, Mexico
  • Document Border Patrol and authority abuses Organize local border towns in a response to migration

More info at http://www.nomoredeaths.org

Ayala Rahm: Born in Israel and raised in South America and later California, Ayala’s lived experience with borders and migration makes her work with NMD both politically acute and profoundly personal. She moved to Arizona to volunteer with NMD in the winter of 2009, and has focused primarily on the Desert Aid work ever since. She also works as an EMT at the volunteer Fire Department near the camp. Inspired by the strength of those she has met in the desert and driven by disparities caused by borders worldwide, Ayala sees NMD as one way of engaging with the political sphere, and directly with individuals most negatively affected by it.

Regan Wendell: Regan has lived in Arivaca, AZ for over 5 years. She is actively involved with NMD Desert Aid and also volunteers with the Nogales Project in Sonora, Mexico. Last year, Regan helped to open the Arivaca Humanitarian Aid Office. While the residents of Arivaca have been providing humanitarian aid to those in need for decades, there has never before been any formal organizing around this issue. The office is centrally located in the
small town to remind residents and law enforcement that humanitarian aid is never a crime.

Kate Morgan-Olsen: Born and raised in the Midwest, Kate found a home with No More Deaths during the Alternative Spring Break program of 2010. During her tenure with NMD, Kate has served as the Volunteer Coordinator, worked regularly at the desert aid camp in Arivaca, and volunteered on a weekly basis for the Nogales project. Kate finds profound meaning in working to end the needless death and suffering perpetuated by the U.S. government, and in standing in solidarity with communities affected by the border crisis. Currently, she resides in Chicago, IL.

Hannah Hafter: Hannah has been with No More Deaths since 2008 and helps run the Nogales Project, providing crisis support to people who have been deported to Nogales, Mexico after attempting to cross the border or after being detained living in the U.S. without papers. She is also co-author of No More Death’s groundbreaking report “Culture of Cruelty: Abuse and Impunity in Short-term U.S. Border Patrol Custody”, and coordinated the 2010 “We Reject Racism” campaign against SB1070, Arizona’s recent, controversial law requiring police to serve as immigration agents. (Outside of No More Deaths, Hannah received her Masters in Public Health from the University of Arizona and worked from 2010-2012 as the Border Health Program Coordinator at the Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center. She has also served as a Human Rights Accompanier with the genocide case witnesses in Guatemala with NISGUA.)

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