This Saturday War On Drug March & Rally Against Suncor

December 29, 2011 in Event

This Saturday 12/31 at noon we will be marching against the war on drugs, and joining up with the Rally Against Suncor, Tar Sands and Keystone XL Pipeline @ Skyline Park at 1pm.

About The War on Drugs:

Like most wars, we think this one has done more harm then good and has gone on for way too long. It needs to END!!!!!!!!!!!

Alcoholism… Drug Addiction… These are HEALTH issues, not legal ones. So why has money been endlessly poured into convicting drug crimes rather than educating people and paying for treatment of these conditions??!! Because there is BIG PROFIT to be made on the enforcement of drug laws and the punishment for breaking them. Not to mention big business/ government relationships with foreign cartels!

The War on Drugs has filled our prisons with nonviolent “offenders” and has cost this country Billions. It’s been used to trample civil rights and profit from misery all around. Drug addiction is a disease that needs to be treated by medical professionals or any of the many 12-step programs out there. It’s a giant waste of time and money to treat addiction in jails and prisons.

Drug addicts are treated unequally, under current law. Rush Limbaugh got a pass for gobbling down Vicodin and Oxycontin like it was popcorn. Then, he bragged about how he was morally superior to other addicts, espousing how “poor” addicts go to prison. For once, he spoke the truth.

There is a massive disconnect in our country between the reality of substance problems and they are treated. But we now see who benefits from the way it has been for so long.

About Suncor:

It was reported in late November that oil has been discovered in the South Platte River. Very little coverage from the media was published at the time of the discovery, but, until recently, it has been confirmed that gas-like sludge has been found on the edges of the river. It is unknown how long this leak has been present in the water. This water is a major source for drinking water, wild-habitat and agricultural uses for the Midwest, but the water is now contaminated and is non-usable for everyone and everything.

**Suncor Energy is the oldest tar sands producers, up to 90% of its production comprised of tar sands bitumen. The company uses its Colorado refinery to process some of the heavy tar sands coming from the Express and Platte pipelines.

The refinery, itself, specializes in production of synthetic crude from the Athabasca oil sands located in Alberta, Canada, and the Keystone XL pipeline, if approved, will obtain its own oil from the Athabasca oil sands in Alberta, as well, which is located on Cree First Nation land. TransCanada proposed the pipeline back in 2005, and they are based in Calgary, Alberta, as well as Suncor Energy. So, there is a connection from Suncor to the Keystone XL pipeline and, now, AIM and environmental activist groups are raising awareness in Denver! Although the Keystone XL is up in Canada, that doesn’t necessarily mean that, here in Denver, we aren’t affected by the devastating effects of the oil sands, especially, with the oil leak that occurred in Commerce City. This leak has polluted the Sand Creek and the South Platte River with gas-like sludge for an unknown period of time, and Suncor needs to be held accountable for polluting the air, water and ecosystems that are being affected directly by the leak.

This is just a prime example of what will inevitably happen if the Keystone XL is approved. Also, a very important key component is that the Senate Republicans are pushing Obama to either approve the pipeline or not within 60 days, so it is VERY essential to make Suncor a prime example as to why the pipeline is a bad idea!**

So, this is where we, as a people, take action and demand clean water, a clean livelyhood and just a clean start! We can not prolong this anymore, as this can not wait any longer! The public need to be informed!

A march and rally has called and arranged by the activist groups of Colorado to be taken place in downtown Denver to help create greater public awareness of the most recent ecological disaster created by Suncor Tar Sands Refinery! We will gather at Skyline Park at 1pm and march to the Pavillions Mall and hold a demonstration.

On Saturday, December 31st, we will host a gathering in protest against Suncor’s reckless operations. Speakers include:
Scott Denver Jacket of American Indian Movement of Colorado
Deanna Meyer of Deep Green Resistance
John Zapian and Salvador Arieta, organizers and residents of the communities of Commerce City,
and more!

Please join us in making a collective New Year’s resolution to bring an end to this giant polluter, and its partners!