This Thursday, Occupy Denver “Women’s Caucus”

December 13, 2011 in Event, GA resolutions

This Thursday (12/15) Occupy Dever will be holding a women’s fishbowl caucus at 7pm at Civic Center Park. As a part of this on going struggle to create a society where people of all genders share equal power, Occupy Denver invites people of all genders to come out and join in a dialogue concerning women in the Occupy movemnet. A fishbowl caucus is a discussion that happens in two concentric circles – an inner circle of women and anyone who identifies as female, and an outer circle of those who do not. The discussion will begin in only the inner circle, while the outer circle watches and listens. Then it will move to a discussion between the outer circle and the inner circle. This is a great opportunity to come together to seek understanding and to vocalize the future of women in this movement. Please join us, and invite your friends!

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