12/15/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 15, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Thursday Get Involved GA 12/15

Facilitator – Terese Stack Taker- Liberty Note Taker – Roshan

Committee Members

Terese – GA Procedure, Statement of Purpose, Education

Jo – 24/7

Candace – GA Procedures, Outreach

Dana- 24/7

Pat – Film & video working group

Al – Tech

Natalie – PR

Patti – PR, Outreach

Nick – PR

Roshan – Admin, GA Procedures

Ben – 24/7

Coutrney – Occupy Auraria liaison

Tim – PR

Martin – Statement of purpose

Anthony – Outreach, 24/7


PR – we had amazing coverage locally in leftist media and stood down the

Nick – Outreach is working with Toys for Tots to do a toy drive here at the occupation, and need people to bring toys on Saturday to help TFT recoup a 70,000 toy shortage

Pat – we need people to contact the film and video team to do interviews of people who have been at the occupation who are willing to be interviewed

Someone – the InterOccupy group has a nationwide occupy gathering in DC March 30th that they want people to attend from OD. More info is coming now

Candace – Sunday at 6pm there will a discsussion group for communities of color at the Fredrick Douglass center for planning a general strike

Someone – Colorado Coalition for the Homeless is having a vigil for homeless people who died in Denver at 5:30pm this Tuesday, the 20th. We are encouraged to attend

The GA then moved to a fishbowl caucus for female-identified people. Broad issues that were discsussed will be noted, but not verbatim

1st quetion: how do we feel about this situation in the fishbowl?

Some feel nervous and feel awkward with people watching

Some feel awesome that this is happening because we have needed education on these issues of humanity

Some people who are more assertive note that they have not felt uncomfortable in GA as females, but understand how others may have. But they feel empowered that they have been able to stand out here as women with few problems

Often times, women are marginalized in terms of having a space to speak, which is not always obvious because it can be woven into the culture of our country and even our occupation

One woman feels really happy because she has been looking forward to this for weeks now because though it’s not intentional, they feel they’ve been marginalized and harrassed

One noted that she resents the fact that almost every OD march has been led by men, and men always have the megaphones and

Continues that men have often offered to speak for her or let her speak as if she coudln’t if they didnt help. Also frustrated by being interrupted her as she is trying to speak in GA

A disabled, Native American emphasized that men and women are equal in the circle of live, but that we need more equality and balance in the movement itself too

A woman pointed out that many of the government and corporate stuctures we are fighting are also highly patriarchal, and that it’s a shame we have some of the same issues yet they go mostly unnoticed

A woman expressed that this is indeed a participatory democratic movement, and that women who don’t speak out are partially to blame. She asked what we can do to make women feel encouraged and empowered to speak?

A response to that question was the suggestion of an affirmative stack – if after 10 people go on stack there were no women, we should actively seek out women for the next round

One woman says that that is not a good idea at all – if women aren’t speaking enough,we shouldn’t tell men to then wait their turn and stifle the men like women have been stifled to right the wrong

Suggests that all we need is an affirmative call for women to come up only when there is an unfilled lull

Also suggests we have weekly womens events and/or teach-ins to make these issues more prominent and help them organize among themselves

Another woman said that this is perceived as a cis-identified male movement, and that we should work to overcome that

One woman suggests that the more assertive women who do get up and speak give her the courage to join, so those women should remember they are helping lead women

One woman suggests that much education on womens issues will necessarily be education on mens issues.

Also notes that calling women out to come offer their perspective is tricky because it implies that is somehow always different, when they aren’t necessarily

A woman spoke out to say she just wants to be respected as a person. She encourages males to look at her as a sister first, not as a potential date, to promote a feeling of sisterhood and brotherhood

One woman shares that she finds the caucus very comforting and healing, and thinks it should happen more often

Someone brought up the concept of internalized oppression – when a marginalized group start to buy in the ideology, stereotypes, and beliefs about their group themselves. Occupy should be a space in which we try to share and educate about that too

Swich to male caucus

men understand issues of comfortability and how address movement

best occupes are the women

women not sexual objects

some life afermiive action for stack

didn’t realize hat when get animated can offend, this due to not listening

one man disapprove of identity politics, focus on how reach more people

unity important, men need to learn manners

women tak well on stories, not just theory

Man who kicked ball into the middle, simble of man telling women wha to do

Need to understand differnce between emoion and passion

identity politics are there period, we need to be awere of politics that do exist

Use brother and sister, do focuses on women (in film, info, media…)

Mistake to just focus on economics, this tied to gender…issues

Clearify, that we should find effective ways to include without diffectly illuding to identity politcs

Be conscius of space, seperate male hostlity for passion

Risethe bar, hold eachotheraccountibily

key points;

be internally balanced

protect gender identity

stop economic inequality of pay for the same work

realize that women with children endure worse poverty

respect people who disagree with or vice versa

argue on the merit of the idea not by baiting

respect each others space

the movement is empowering

avoid victimology to avoid confusion

realize that many people have endured hard times, discrimination, and pain that leave them with bad memories but this can be overcome

sometimes assholes will be assholes and there’s nothing you can do to change them, work harder to maintain solidarity with people we can reach

teach our children better

take as more time to examine oneself than finding others to blame or criticize

bad stuff is used to separate us and we must overcome divisiveness to put a stop to the real oppression

use your voice effectively

recognize that privilege exists and unify to resist

identity politics is put upon the working class to divide us

we get so wrapped up in oppression that e can get carried away

be excellent to each other

point out bad behavoir in the group

senate walk: call udall to cosponsor amendment