Upcoming Occupy Denver Events

Here is a list of upcoming Occupy Denver events and teach-ins. Please come out to show your support and get involved! We also maintain a Facebook Events Calendar that contains a fuller list of our committee meetings (open to anyone). If you want to get involved in the movement, now is the time!

Tuesday, April 3
5:30pm – Teach-In – Environmental Defense Panel Discussion: 350.org and Deep Green Resistance
In this teach-in we will examine the effects of corporate behavior on the environment and explore tactical lines of defense for environmental activism. We’ll also discuss ways in which Occupy can help build coalitions with environmentalist groups to stop dirty methods of resource extraction (such as hydraulic fracturing) here in our state.

7:00pm – General Assembly
One of two weekly outdoor general assemblies at Civic Center Park.

Wednesday, April 4
10:30am – Occupy Transit National Day of Action
Occupy Denver has joined with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1001 in calling for the National Day of Action in Support of Public Transit. This action is planned for Wednesday, April 4 at 10:30am at 1560 Broadway. We will be leafleting transit riders for support from the 99% who need transit.

5:30pm – Why I Occupy
The Outreach Committee, along with a panel representing other OD committees and participants, is hosting a community interface meeting at the Mercury Cafe (2199 California St). We hope to use this opportunity to hear input from other activists and organizers.

6:00pm – Teach-In – The Golden Rule: Precepts, Principles, and Praxis
What would a just and equitable world look like? It’s hard to say but one thing is certain, Its features would include the deep concern and active help given by each person to each other. We cannot hope to legislate loving-kindness, nor can we cultivate it in the midst of our hostile emotions. In this workshop we will discuss how to strengthen those qualities which contribute to a saner world and eliminate those that detract from it.

Thursday, April 5
5:30pm – Teach-In – Worker Cooperatives & Time Banks for a Sustainable Economy
The Denver Worker Cooperative is a group of people who have been organizing a worker cooperative since September 2011. We are using Formal Consensus to create an experience of true Democracy. We hope to be an incubator for other Worker Cooperatives.

Saturday, April 7
3:00pm – General Assembly
One of two weekly outdoor general assemblies at Civic Center Park.

Tuesday, April 10
5:30pm – Teach-In — The Economics of Extinction and the Need for an Economics of Environmental Sustainability
In this teach-in we will discuss the myth of infinite economic growth upon which our current economy is founded.

7:00pm – General Assembly
One of two weekly outdoor general assemblies at Civic Center Park.

Tuesday, April 17
7:00pm – General Assembly
One of two weekly outdoor general assemblies at Civic Center Park.

Tuesday, May 1
multi-day – General Strike!
In solidarity with cities worldwide, the people of Denver will enter into a preliminary General Strike on May 1, 2012, known around the world as International Worker’s Day. We strike to unite and take the power back.

Wednesday, May 2
6:00pm – Teach-In – Integral Theory and Social Activism
Integral Theory is a broad, all encompassing philosophy developed by Colorado based thinker, Ken Wilber. It is a one of kind, system for putting divergent political, historical, religious, and scientific ideas within a framework which respects both their similarities and differences. This talk will serve as an introduction to integral theory and focus on its implications for the Occupy Movement and social activism in general.

Wednesday, May 16
6:00pm – Teach-In – Spirituality and Social Activism: The Mystic Activist
Spiritual practice is devoted to change within. It sees the primary causes of suffering as internal to the individual subject. Activism seeks to change the social/economic/political world in which we live our lives. This teachin will examine this conflict of worldview and explore possibilities for the integration of internal and external modes of revolution.