Week Four: Take Action Against Ordinance to Criminalize Homelessness

April 28, 2012 in Press

The last week the proposed Denver city ordinance to criminalize our homeless sisters and brothers was passed out of the Land Use Transportation and Infrastructure committee by a vote of 4 to 3.

We need to take three critical actions this week. First, we need as many people as possible to attend the city meeting about the ordinance. This is the public hearing and you may sign up to speak. Second, we need to continue to visit, call and email city council members about the ordinance. Third, pending the outcome of the April 30th City Council Public Hearing, Occupy Denver may conduct a mass sleep-in on 16th Street Mall after May Day.

Attend City Meetings This Week

Monday, April 30, 5:30 pm – City Council Meeting

Attend this City Council meeting to speak to Council members. This meeting will include a first reading of the ordinance and a two-hour courtesy public hearing (speakers get 3 minutes; sign up at 5:15, first-come-first-served).
City Council Chambers at the City and County Building
1437 Bannock St, Denver, Colorado 80202.

Visit, Call and Email City Council Members and the Mayor’s Office

Key resources to share with city council members include: The Homes Not Handcuffs page at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless; Occupy Denver’s Open Letter to Mayor Hancock; Homes Not Handcuffs: The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities, a report from the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty; and, Searching out Solutions: Constructive Alternatives to the Criminalization of Homelessness, a new report from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Mass Sleep-In on 16th Street Mall

Pending the outcome of the April 30th City Council Public Hearing, the 1st Reading and first vote (final vote will follow on May 14th), Occupy Denver has endorsed a sleep-in at the Denver Pavilions, 16th Street between Tremont and Welton starting at 9:30 PM on May 1st. Thus far City Council has been placing the interests of the business community over the needs of the least fortunate residents of our city. Bring a sleeping bag or blankets and protest this criminalization of homelessness and the businesses that have lobbied for this ban.

photo (cc-by-nc-sa) by Kendra Kellogg

photo (cc-by-nc-sa) by Kendra Kellogg